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Публикувано от  Андрей Бояджиев

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language, style, text, structure, words, competence, code, stylistics, communication, grammar, standard


Language is a tool that serves to shape and communicate thoughts, it has organized system and structure, communication rules. The language organization in the text is indispensable, so that the written message is understood by everyone. In a developed culture the author through language expresses the culture's feelings of artistic, linguistic and stylistic creations through various texts. The main concept of stylistics is, the word through which the author expresses his thoughts, expresses a particular artistic style, whereas style is something intended by sender and promoter of the reader. Word as the main part of a text is the author's linguistic choice and experience for the reader.

The purpose of this paper is for language scholars to understand the linguistic and stylistic significance of a word in a text because the words are constructed by the linguistic and stylistic aspects. A text should be constructed and organized according to content, purpose and function. Language as a communication tool in the text performs two functions, through which it builds the thought that is transmitted in the form written to the reader, while the other function is to convey the thought of others, which is the written statement called the text.

Handling the concept of text and language is a complex process and not easy to understand, so we will treat and highlight the main elements of language for a good text either in the form of prose or poetry by tackling them linguistically and stylistically.

A text should be well organized for the content, meaning, and logic of language construction, including spelling, syntax, language and other language formats. A text in the right written form develops the power of writing, the standard language level, awareness of the importance of system and language structure on the one hand and meaningful reading on the other.