Заглавие The narrative and sublime in the Kutelian fiction

Андрей Бояджиев

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The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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composition, tears, song, mountain, nostalgia, narrative, culminating point, narrative


In this paper I’ll analyze the stories “Si u takua Ndoni me Zallorёt”. The author of this story is Mitrush Kuteli and he’s the Albanian writers.

This writer in Albanian literature is considered as the first of the modern fiction of the twenty-first century. This stories that was published in 2010 in "Kuteli prozё dhe vargje tё zgjedhura 3" was prepared for publication by A. Pasko and D. Pasko and it’s an interesting structure of distinguished. The story begins with the description of the main character Ndoni and it’s an interesting portrayal of not only the outward appearance but it’s both for physical and spiritual, too. The reverberation and the composition of the stories begin at the beginning of the song by Ndoni, so it’s a main protagonist of the stories. It begins exactly in the worst situation when he was filled with tears, that the cheeks were too harsh with him. In such a state he forgot the time, the place, forgot the immersed himself in the world of art through and the sounds. So, this was in the eyes of the “Kaçakët” that were passing through the swinging mountains. The situation was full of tension and wrath. This is the culminating point of the story, because through the song the other sounds are melancholy, sensitive, because the effect that brought Ndoni's mind has created an interesting cataract, there in the middle of the wild mountains.