Заглавие Testing Pharmacy Students’ Comprehension of Text Cohesion and Coherence Markers in Medication Leaflets

Андрей Бояджиев

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The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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ESP, pharmacy students, text cohesion and coherence


The comprehension of the role and use of text cohesion and coherence markers in medication leaflets by pharmacy students is crucial for understanding the overall meaning and structure of a medication leaflet. The comprehension of these markers is tested by using the re-order the paragraphs exercises. The study results point that coping with understanding the role of these markers is directly connected to the students’ overall level of language knowledge and skills. A higher level of English language knowledge and skills helps to increase students’ understanding of the role of the text cohesion markers. Understanding the gist of a text and its general purpose as well as knowledge of the well-established structure of a professional text help students tackle text coherence. The study gives an insight into when and how to teach text markers in an ESP course for pharmacy students.